H.E. LG (Purn). Dr. dr. Terawan Agus Putranto, Sp.Rad(K)

Minister of Health Republic of Indonesia

dr. Adang Bachtiar, MPH., Sc.D

Chairman of the Expert Council IPHA (IAKMI)

Steering Committee

dr. Siswanto, MPH, DTM

Chairman of the National Institute of Health Research and Development (NIHRD/ Balitbangkes), MoH Indonesia

Dr. Ridwan Mochtar Thaha, M.Sc

Chairman of the Indonesian Public Health Association (IPHA/ IAKMI)

Dr. Nana Mulyana

Secretary of the NIHRD (Balitbangkes), MoH Indonesia

Husein Habsyi, SKM., MHComm

Secretary General of the IPHA (IAKMI)

Organizing Committee

Dr. dr. Irmansyah, SpKJ(K)

Head of Health Resources and Services NIHRD (Balitbangkes), MoH Indonesia

Mouhamad Bigwanto, SKM., MPHM

Vice Secretary of IPHA (IAKMI)