1. All participants (posters and oral) can send a full paper through http://www.iakmi.or.id/internationalsymposium/myaccount
  2. All paper that have been presented will be published in E-conferences books.
  3. All selected paper will be published in Scopus indexed proceeding or accredited national journal (SINTA 2) at an additional cost, exclude registration fee.
  4. Your manuscript must be submitted as a Microsoft Word file (.doc or .docx) (Maximal 14 pages). The template for full paper is available here and the instructions for authors can be downloaded.
  5. The deadline for submission of full paper Tuesday, October 3, 2019 and deadline for submission of presentation materials (ppt) is Friday, 15 November 2019. Submission can only be made online through http://www.iakmi.or.id/internationalsymposium/myaccount by using the username/email address and password that you have created for abstract submission previously.
  6. The steps that you have to follow to upload a full paper are similar to the steps needed to upload your presentatition materials.