Call for abstracts (oral and poster) and full paper

Participants is expected to submit abstract in English. The symposium will be held in English. Expected number of free paper presenters are around 300. Selected full paper will be included in the full paper proceeding (Scopus or Sinta2 indexed).

Abstract Format & Submission

ContentBackground; Objective; Method; Results; Conclusion; Recommendation; Keywords
Total wordsMax 350 words
Abstract SubmissionOnline Submission (Register -> Get Username & Password via Email -> Login -> Submit)


Symposium Sub Themes / Tracks

1.Financing in Health and Politics
2.Investing in Human Health Resources
3.Shifting from Curative to Preventive and Promotion
4.Academic Business Community Government (ABCG) Synergism to Enhance Domestic Product : Medicine, Medical Devices and Vaccine
5.Laboratory Readiness to Support Health Development
6.Local and Global Policy to Improve Health Development
7.Environment and Health Related Issues
8.Social, Cultural and Economy Determinant of Health
9.Promoting and Prevention in Mental Health
10.Innovation to Address Nutrition and Maternal Child Health Problems
11.Non Communicable Disease and Tobacco Control
12.Innovative on Public Health Intervention
13.Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicine
14.International Health Tourism


Assessment Criteria

1.Relevance to sub-theme / theme20%
2.Appropriate background,objective, method,result and conclusion35%
3.Contribution to new knowledge, practice, policy, or program35%
4.English Clarity10%